Satoshi Ogawa

Satoshi Ogawa is a Tokyo based illustrator. He worked at an independent music label Nature Bliss as a designer/illustrator, and as a sound director of the world music panai for 5 years. His drawings and paintings are inspired by various sounds and folk arts of the world. They are mixed with his modern Japanese sensibility.

1972 born in Shimane (Japan)
1998-2003 Setsu drawing school, Tokyo, Japan
2008-2012 Work in Nature Bliss Inc.

Living in Tokyo


小川 哲

イラストレーター、セツ・モードセミナー卒業。第140回ザ・チョイス入選 (白根ゆたんぽ選)。
自主活動としてミュージシャンのポートレイトで音楽を紹介する『5X5 ZINE』を継続的に制作、発表している。

旧HP (2008年以前)

Mail: og.satoshi(at)gmail.com


Clients: SUNTORY PUBLICITY SERVICE、学研パブリッシング、幻冬舎、晶文社、宝島社、PAPER SKY (Kneehigh Media)、Number (文藝春秋社)、Esquire (Esquire Magazine Japan)、STUDIO VOICE (Infas) relax (マガジンハウス)ほか